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Best Website Developer Company In Ozoro - IntelitSystems deliver web and mobile applications development service, Online Class, Digital Marketing, IT consultancy, enterprise solutions and revenue automation across Nigeria from Delta State, Ozoro.

Software Design

We are a Software Design Company that leverages our consulting abilities and in-depth technology skills.

Website Design

Conceptual clarity is required and the entire solution within the peripheries of the various fields of industry and their business processes can only be visualized

Affiliate Marketing

A successful online earning begins with a successful affiliate marketing, to earn is to live a freedom life.

About Us

In Ozoro, Delta State , Nigeria, we are a prominent IT company that uses technological power to produce new solutions to support the productivity of employees of companies, automate their operations and build systems that increase efficiency.

Our in-house specialists are structured into strategic teams that deliver optimal performance and an integrated partner ecosystem. Our field knowledge is based on years of experience across several sectors and a solid grasp of Nigerian territory. Our organizational structure is managed by the domain and our in-house specialists are organically qualified in the areas of capacity building to provide fast reply and predictable results.

We provide our customers an advice based strategy to understand our customers’ needs and to assist develop highly creative and efficient solution across all corporate value chains, using appropriate technologic know-how, extensive industry experience and unique finance methods.


Through leadership and the Community service, the Miss Intelit Pageant mission will empower young African women. The Pageant will provide an African Diaspora forum for the presentation of and sharing of solutions and initiatives for the delta-nans. The event Pageant will bring together representatives of many African cultures and groups from all over the world as a prominent international event. The candidates and title holders seek to influence good changes via voluntary work, fundraisers and campaigning. As leaders and role models within their communities.

Our Inteligent Team

We are experienced advertising & multimedia professionals with significant reach into all major domestic markets.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
Our Super Seo, On-Page Ranking Specialist, with a powerful unique talent no one else know about in the industry.
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Digital Markeing Specialist, started working with us for over 6 years now, and he never fail us in any way.
Frank Jones
From Japan
#1 expert in web technology and he is ever ready at all time to deliver any task assign to him and his team members.
Jack Brownn
From London, UK